Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Quiet Book

Last spring, Ashley (one of my BFFs) came to visit me, and while she was here, she showed me the awesome quiet book she had made for her daughter! (You can see it here.)

This inspired me to make one of my own for my daughter! After finding ideas on Pinterest and then dreaming up some new ones of my own, I got to work with some felt, a needle, and embroidery floss! I also used hot glue, ribbon, beads, buttons, and puff paint. (Hobby Lobby had the best selection and prices on the colored felt squares!)

On the cover, I used buttons, beads, puff paint along with the needle and thread.

On the first page, we have the classic mailbox. The flap opens and fastens with velcro, and there are two "letters" inside! I used brown puff paint on the envelopes.

The second page is the classic bead-counting-on-a-line page. This is the page that occupies her the longest!

The next spread is a transportation theme. When I was making this, she was in the "I'm-two-and-I-love-trains-and-buses" stage. The bus slides back and forth along the green ribbon. Colored buttons worked great for the traffic light and the wheels. 

The  next spread is a spring theme. The flowers can come off and be re-buttoned. I used ladybug and butterfly decorative buttons on this page, which she loves. The pansies were a very important addition!

 The little birdies are attached to blue ribbon, so they can be re-arranged in the nest. The rays on the sun are loose on the ends, so those add some interest as well. Be sure to burn your ribbon ends to prevent fraying.
sun nest branch

The next spread is slightly random. The first page is a circus ring, and I used those soft puff pom-poms as balloons. For the trapeze and other embellishments, I used silver puff paint. The second page is a night-time mountain scene with a pine, crescent moon, stars, and a little owl with velcro on the back. I used star beads and white buttons for the stars.
 And, the final spread is one of our favorites. The left page features an apple tree with velcro apples and an apple basket, and a cow and a pig live inside the barn on the right page!

 But, we're not done yet! Here's an outtake! I had planned this super cute and fun cupcake page and shapes page, but the puff paint bled through! Lesson learned: don't try to use front and back of the same piece of felt! Sew your felt pages together for durability!

busy bag
The shapes and the cupcake toppers all have velcro on the back.

So, now we use this page as a busy bag, and she loves it!

Happy crafting!


  1. We had one of these when I was a kid and I would be quiet! LOL! I am so thankful you posted this! I am pinning this!!!

  2. WOW...taht is beyond amazing. you did a great job...and what a great memory to keep and share with her kids.

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  4. I love the birds in the nest page - I really like the colors you chose. I've been scoping out pinterest for page ideas for a quiet book and think I'll add your bird page. Also - the little envelopes you made on the first page - TOTALLY adorable.

  5. This is amazing....great job!!

  6. Omg! I love this idea. Totally need to make one of these. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Beautifully made!! I love these kinds of books and think they are a great investment! I will be using yours as a guide.